Who Subscribes to "DO"?

  • Owners use “DO” to analyze trends in the market, see what types of projects are moving forward; which developers are most active and what architects and engineers they are choosing.

  • Broker or Building Managers need “DO” to contact the owner regarding tenants for and management of his new projects.

  • Appraisers, Surveyors, Insurers, Attorneys and Mortgage companies. The owner needs their services before he awards the design contract.


  • Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Food Service Consultants who want to develop a relationship with the owner/developer in the Pre-Design phase. Also to see what is going on outside their area of focus, and which developers, building types and areas of the country are generating the most activity.

  • Manufacturers and System Providers who want to get the jump on competition by becoming “owner preferred” thereby avoiding the expensive bidding process where the architect must list them as “or equal.”


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