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As the name implies, "DO" is for any firm or individual who wishes to reach the owner/developer while his next project is still a "twinkle in his eye", long before he is ready to select a designer.

For Instance "DO" is for...
  • Owners/Developers who use "DO" to analyze trends in the market, see what areas are growing and types of projects are moving forward; which developers are most active and what architects and engineers they are choosing.

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker & Building Managers who need "DO" to contact the owner regarding tenants for and management of his new projects.

  •  Appraisers, Surveyors, Insurers, Attorneys and Mortgage companies. The owner needs their services before he awards the design contract.

  • Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects,  Interior Designers, Contractors and Food Service Consultants who want to develop a relationship with the owner/developer in the Pre-Design phase. Also to see what is going on outside their area of focus, and which developers, building types and areas of the country are generating the most activity.

  • Manufacturers, System Providers & Their Reps who want to get the jump on competition by becoming "owner preferred" thereby avoiding the expensive bidding process where the architect must list them as "or equal."

What information does "DO" provide?
  • Format-published as a PDF, Tuesday through Friday each week.


  • Projects are followed through (3) stages of development called STATUS

(1) Pre-Design-prior to an RFP being issued.

(2) RFP Currently Available

(3) Under Design-an architect has been selected.

  • RFP on 1st day of issue-For designers, consultants & contractors who need RFP details on first day of issue.

  • Status of project is color coded for speed reading

Status (1) is Green

Status (2) is Red

Status (3) is Blue

  • Data Included-Data includes the project city, state, value, title, owner, contact, email, phone, fax, address and a "live" link to the RFP document. Projects UNDER DESIGN also include the architect contact information. (see examples below)

Here are some examples of each stage of development:

Stage (1) Report

NEW YORK, Saratoga County, Glens Falls


stories: 1-2, sq. ft.: N/A......$1,000,000 (est.)

OWNER: City of Glens Falls, c/o Deborah Vaughn

518 761-3817 Fax 518 792-1198

42 Ridge Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801

NBN Ref#: 1809403-P-1

STATUS: Pre-Design-The city expects to issue an RFQ for an architect Fall 2018.


Stage (2) Report

TENNESSEE, Davidson County, Nashville


stories: 1-2, sq. ft.: 500,000......$190,000,000

OWNER: Metro Government of Nashville
& Davidson County, c/o Terri Troup

615 862-6669 Fax 615 862-6179

P.O. Box 196300, Nashville, TN 37219

NBN Ref#: 1803349-P-1

STATUS: RFP currently available- RFP(#1033670,3) due 3/30/2018.


Stage (3) Report

HAWAII, Honolulu County, Kaneohe


stories: 1-2, sq. ft.: N/A......$140,000,000

OWNER: Hawaii State Hospital, Procurement,

c/o Anthony Fraiola

808 236-8275

45-710 Kea’ahala Road, Kaneohe, HI 96744

ARCH: Group 70 International Inc.

808 523-5866 Fax 808 523-5874

925 Bethel Street, 5th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813

NBN Ref#: 1705183-A-1
STATUS: Under Design

What kind of coverage does "DO" provide?

Based on 55 years of reporting on "The Skyline of Tomorrow" here’s what you can expect.

QUANTITY: Approximately 150 new and updated projects per week.

TYPE: "DO" covers the following (7) types of building projects:
educationa-boarding, educational-non boarding, government,
industrial, entertainment/cultural, healthcare, mixed use
and renovation.

LOCATION: National, all 50 States. Wherever the "action" is

STATUS: Approximately 35% Pre-RFP, 55% RFP’s, 10% Architect awarded.

NEW CONSTRUCTION vs RENOVATION: 35% Renovation, 65% New


Here’s What Subscribers Say About "DO"


  • "We are primarily focused on higher education clients and projects. It is important for us to know about projects several months in advance so we can set up meetings with them so we can meet and greet the ‘key’ individuals at each university."

  • "I have not seen another resource that covers both public and private work so clearly."

  • "We want to be the early bird so we subscribe to the Daily Edition of Design Opportunities."

  • "It is a unique publication as most only focus on public projects, which is not our primary market. It is nice to see private development listed!"

  • "DO" gives my company a jump start as to where to focus our marketing efforts to build the relationship now so the work in the future can be ours."

  • "We don’t chase advertised projects unless a relationship is developed and we know it’s coming, but this lets us know what is going on outside our area of focus and whether we should be looking at new areas."

  • "Information of high quality and in a ‘quick read’ format."

  • "I find "DO" useful because: It is a source of real leads, not a collection of old news stories."

  • "DO" provides me with just the information I need. I don’t have to spend valuable time looking for the data pertinent to me."

  • "Wow! You really meant it when you said it costs less than coffee and donuts each morning."​

  • "I’ve already landed a job from "DO" which means I paid for it for a lifetime."

  • "As a manufacturer I am always looking for ways to thank the Spec-Writer who specifies my products. A subscription to "DO" is the ideal way to say "thank you" Why? 1. My name as the donor appears on every page. 2. It cost me nothing because my subscription is extended by the same number of months. 3. The person or firm receiving my "thank you" might land the project of a lifetime from a Pre-Design lead in "DO."

  • "What a great publication. We did not know there were so many other opportunities so close to us. Thank you for pulling it together."

  • "I find DO useful because it clearly lists out the potential project information whether consultants have been selected or not."

  • "It is a comprehensive publication that covers the US market as well as the many markets sectors held with in as easy to use format…As always the early bird gets the worm…so the earlier the publication can be distributed as well have the freshest leads the better."

  • "I love "DO" because you supply us with leads that I do not see in typical a/e advertisement in my area"

  • "DO’s information is dead on! I spent the entire month of January on the first issue I saw tracking down projects across the country. We were fortunate to get our company name to a lot of companies that we would never known about if not for Design Opportunities. It’s the best tracking service I’ve seen and as a Director of Business Development, I’ve seen everything out there.."

What does "DO" cost? "DO" can be on your desk every morning for less than coffee and donuts.


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