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Established in 1964 as an "early warning system" for those who intend to design, build or equip tomorrow's buildings.

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As you can see it’s not a usual website. No Action. No Sound. No “cool.” Just facts.

Daily Edition of Design Opportunities, "DO"

(1)For Designers, Contractors & Manufacturers who want to reach the owner/developer while the project is still a "twinkle" in his eye,(10-15) projects on which "live" RFP’s have been recently released, sent directly from National Building News as a PDF, to subscribers, Tuesday-Friday.
(2)For the contractor who wants to build the building or the manufacturer who wants his products specified (1-5) projects for which architect has recently been selected and are UNDER DESIGN

Weekly Edition of Design Opportunities, "DO"

(1)All the features of the Daily Edition, except projects are emailed once per week, on Friday, as a PDF.

Monthly Edition of Design Opportunities, "DO"
The Monthly Edition of "DO", read by over 50,000 owners and managers of existing buildings as well as the designers, contractors and manufacturers who will build, renovate & equip the buildings of the future; is distributed by subscription, exclusively through professional and trade associations. Call your local chapter.