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Established in 1964 as an "early warning system" for those who intend to design, build or equip tomorrow's buildings.

Welcome to Design Opportunities - "DO" - As you can see, it’s not your usual website. No Action. No Sound. No “cool.”
Just facts.


Daily Edition of Design Opportunities, "DO"
(1)For Designers, Contractors & Manufacturers who want to reach the owner/developer while the project is still a "twinkle" in his eye,(10-15) projects on which "live" RFP’s have been recently released, sent directly from National Building News as a PDF, to subscribers, Tuesday-Friday.
(2)For the contractor who wants to build the building or the manufacturer who wants his products specified (1-5) projects for which architect has recently been selected and are UNDER DESIGN

Weekly Edition of Design Opportunities - "DO"
(1)All the features of the Daily Edition, except projects are emailed once per week, on Friday, as a PDF.

Monthly Edition of Design Opportunities - "DO"
The Monthly Edition of "DO", read by over 30,000 owners and managers of existing buildings as well as the designers, contractors and manufacturers who will build, renovate & equip the buildings of the future; is distributed through local AIA chapters.