About Us:

  1. "DO" is a national construction lead service established in 1964. Our reporters cover projects in every county in every state.

  2. Approximately 50% are privately funded.

  3. Reports begin when the project is in Pre-Design, or when the RFQ is issued.

  4. Approximately 40% of projects are renovations of Existing Buildings.

  5. We report on (7) project categories: Educational, Government, Industrial, Entertainment, Healthcare, Mixed Use and Renovation.

  6. As a subscriber to "DO", you receive the following information on over (40) projects every week:

  • Project name, location, description and value.

  • Funding: Public or Private

  • Owner contact: name, phone, fax and email.

  • Project status: Pre-RFQ or “live” RFQ.

Helping to Shape the Skyline of America for 52 Years

Welcome to Design Opportunities - "DO" and Spec Opportunities - "SO" - As you can see, it’s not your usual website. No Action. No Sound. No “cool.” Just facts.


Daily Edition of Design Opportunities, "DO"

(1) For Designers who want to reach the owner/developer while the project is still a "twinkle" in his eye,"DO" lists projects on which "live" RFP’s have been recently released. It is sent as a PDF, to subscribers, Tuesday-Friday.

(2) For the contractor who wants to build the building or the manufacturer who wants his products specified.

(3) If you have a product or service which can be specified, "DO" will put you first in line at the architects office.

Weekly Edition of Design Opportunities - "DO"

​(1) All the features of the Daily Edition, except projects are emailed once per week, on Friday, as a PDF.

Weekly Edition of Spec Opportunities - "SO"

(1) A listing of projects with recently awarded architectural contracts.

(2) For the contractor who wants to build the building or the manufacturer who wants his products specified.

To subscribe today call Mary at 800 500-7276 or email at mary@nbnservice.com

National Building News Service Inc.

publisher of  "DO"- Design Opportunities and "SO" - Spec Opportunities

Established in 1964 as an "early warning system" for those who intend to design, build or equip tomorrow's buildings.