National Building News Service Inc.

publisher of  "DO"- Design Opportunities

Established in 1964 as an "early warning system" for those who intend to design, build or equip tomorrow's buildings.


As you can see it’s not a usual website. No Action. No Sound. No “cool.” Just facts.

Maybe that’s because we have nothing to sell.

After all, “DO” is FREE. You have only to call your trade association to get your copy, every month, at no cost to the association or yourself.

Here are 8 good reasons why your association should provide you with Design Opportunities each month.

1. Each issue has an average of 100 RFP's valued at $1,000,000,000 or more. This unique "early warning system" provides members...designers, contractors and manufacturers alike...advanced notice on projects before they are designed, giving them opportunity to contact the owner/developer to get on his preferred list for new or existing buildings.
2. Each issue includes names, addresses, phone, fax and email of more than 100 owners/developers needing design talent, products or services NOW.
3. Projects are broken down by type and listed alphabetical by State. A time saver for those firms who specialize in certain project types or have a geographic preference.
4. Something for every member. Even the smallest design firm will find projects of their size, type or location, over the course of several months.
5. Increase membership. Interior Designers, contractors and manufacturers will join the association to get these valuable leads.
6. Take credit on every page. Yes, the footer of each page tells the reader these valuable leads are courtesy of the association.
7. The cover belongs the association. In addition to telling the members of the association that "DO" comes to them courtesy of the association, the cover of each issue is reserved for the association use. The association may choose to honor new members with free ads, notify members of upcoming events, or even write an editorial. It's the associations message in PDF to every member, every month, compliments of "DO".
8. NO COST for this valuable lead service.

Of course if you prefer the Daily Edition or Weekly Edition, of our "early warning system," providing RFP's recently released and current updates on projects already under design call Mary at 800 500-7276 to subscribe today.



Welcome to "DO"... Design Opportunities